Welcome to An Extraordinary Life Membership!


It's time to reopen the doors!


I can feel the pull in my heart to expand this Community.


The world needs connection now more than ever and I am deeply committed to cultivating deep connections through relationships.


I don't believe in coincidences.


And my belief is you landed here for a reason.


I'm here to coach, support and guide you on your journey of radical transformation. 

A journey of remembering who you truly are; The undoing of programming and inherited patterns; A Becoming.


I'm going to show you how to:

🌟  Break free from the pain of the past

🌟 Overcome your negative self-talk

🌟 Transcend your fears

🌟 Turn your pain into power

🌟  Tap into and embrace your true essence

🌟 Live an extraordinary life full of connection, love, freedom, adventure and wealth




I have a vision of highly intuitive women awakening to their power, transcending their fears, and speaking their truth, becoming healers, coaches and leaders, creating massive waves of transformation and healing of the planet = A Spiritual Evolution of Consciousness.




Welcome home Lovely. I've been waiting for you.


xo, Amanda 💖

As a member of An Extraordinary Life Community,


you'll have exclusive access to...

  • Channeling

  • EFT Tapping and Group Coaching

  • Quantum Numerology

  • Universal Laws

  • Quantum Healing and Expansion (QuE)

  • Oracle Cards

  • Business Coaching and Exploration

  • Expert Guest Experiences and Workshops

  • Wealth Activation and Money Magic

  • Guest Coaches

  • Online portal and Facebook Community

  • And so much more!

You'll be the first to hear about...

  • The latest promotions, discounts and freebies

  • Expert insights, interviews and offers

  • Exciting new resources and tools

  • Exclusive programs, downloads and partnerships

  • VIP events, online and in-person (can you say retreats!)

  • and so much more!


This Community is not for the faint of heart.


Here are just some of the things you might experience...


    Deeper connection with yourself, your body, mind, spirit and with the other incredible women in this Community.


    Increased self-love, confidence, awareness and feelings of worthiness is life-changing.


    Trust in yourself, your body, in others and your ability to co-create with the Universe.


    Clarity and connection to your sacred vision, your contribution and your purpose in life.

  • JOY

    A deep sense of joy that is a direct result of being loved and supported in ways you've never experienced before.


    You may start to experience feelings for the first time in a long time. When was the last time you truly acknowledged your feelings?


    Freedom from the experiences of the past that have been holding you back for so long.


    You've finally found your people, a safe and sacred place that feels like home.

  • HOPE

    You know that feeling that you've been scared to hold onto for fear you'll be disappointed? It's ok to feel hope again.


    New awareness of self, unlearn and relearn behaviours that lead to new ways of being, thinking and living.


    Stepping outside your comfort zone in a safe and supported way. Let your light shine brightly!


    Create from a space of love and intention. Allowing the truest essence of who you are guide you down this new path.

This membership is for you if you are......

  • READY, WILLING and OPEN to change

  • Willing to take RADICAL RESPONSIBILITY for your life

  • Ready to PLAY in the 'Realm of Possibilities'

  • Open to learning new things, techniques, tools and skills

  • Willing to get uncomfortable

  • Ready to awaken to your True Essence

  • Ready to trust that there is something BEYOND what you are experiencing right now

  • Have a desire to unlearn unhealthy behaviours 

  • Ready to create a new loving belief system

  • Willing to do the work

  • Committed to Self Mastery

  • Ready to turn your pain into power

Here's what others are saying...

I feel like simply just being in this group is a daily reminder of what my purpose is right now - to get to know, love and accept ME.

Kelly F.

Amanda provides you with a container to feel safe & supported, to show up exactly as you are, where ever you are. It is a space that makes you feel like you belong. Amanda sees you, all of you and that allows you to step into the journey she takes you on with courage. 

Samantha B.

This is yet another outstanding program. The content and the guests you bring in are of the highest caliber. Your knowledge and enthusiasm and your deep ability to connect with others is your super power.

Christine S.

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